Opting Out for Mobile Apps

When you choose to opt out of receiving Interest Based Advertising from Leadbolt, you will no longer receive ads based on your interests from our network. Please note that even if you opt out, you may still receive advertisements from Leadbolt, but these ads will not feature Interest Based ads that may be more relevant to you.

To opt out of Interest Based Advertising for mobile apps, you can follow the below step(s):

  1. Tap the “i” icon at the bottom of any Leadbolt ad
  2. Step 1

  3. Tap the “Click to manage your privacy settings”
  4. Step 2

  5. Tap the “Opt Out” button in the privacy settings screen
  6. Step 3

  7. You’re done!

If you have additional questions about opting out, please contact privacy@leadbolt.com.

Andrew TothOpting Out for Mobile Apps