Why brands should care about mobile performance marketing

In the age of mobile and an omni-channel brand presence where shoppers seamlessly transition between online, mobile and in-store visits, there is another — and more measurable — approach to advertising that can be equally valuable for brands: performance marketing.

Mobile performance marketing allows marketers to achieve specific KPIs such as retention and lifetime value of a customer, by driving and measuring distinct types of actions. There’s the obvious action: get audiences to download the brand app. Going one step further, tying mobile campaign performance to specific revenue-generating actions such as making a purchase, visiting a level or area within the app, redeeming a coupon, completing a form, or returning to the app within a given time span, are also possible.

If your company has identified specific in-app mobile behaviors that equate to higher ROI for the brand, there’s a strong argument in favor of using performance marketing to achieve more of them.  

Leadbolt founder and CEO, Dale Carr,  provides a closer look at why brands should consider mobile performance marketing in this piece from Mobile Marketer:

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