The Joy of Going Native

App developers and publishers aim to deliver the best possible user experience, keeping app users happily engaged and returning regularly. This means protecting against intrusive and poorly delivered ads that could potentially annoy users, and at worst, lead them away from the app altogether. Yet, developers of free apps (which is most of the apps in market today,) rely on ad revenue to continue to flourish.

Advertisers, on the other hand, aim to reach the most relevant and high quality mobile audiences, and often believe that the flashiest ad format will capture audience attention.

The two agendas might seem at odds with each other, however, Mobile Native Ad placements are emerging as the mobile industry’s most effective middle ground, delivering exceptional results and giving app developers, mobile advertisers, and mobile users reason to celebrate.  Get the full scoop from Leadbolt founder and CEO, Dale Carr, in the original article link below.

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