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Sports-related ads scored 51pc jump in engagement before Olympics

The lead-up to the Rio Olympics provided an optimal opportunity for marketers in sports-related fields to target viewers with relevant mobile content, as evidenced by the 51 percent uptick in engagement for ads delivered into sports-related game application categories on iOS devices.

Our data team measured ad engagement performance in several territories during the week prior to the Rio Olympics kickoff. Read on to see what we uncovered.

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Luxury Daily

Reaching Moms with Mobile Advertising

Mothers are an attractive audience to marketers of all kinds, as they are typically the primary purchase decision makers in the household.

Better still, Mother’s Day is a good day for application advertising. Leadbolt data on Mother’s Day last year shows 25 percent to 40 percent uplift in user engagement as compared to the previous Sunday, suggesting that mobile users had more downtime and family time and played more games.

Read on for mobile advertising campaign tips to reach this lucrative mobile audience on Mother’s Day and year-round.

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APUS Group and Leadbolt partner for Global App Monetization

APUS Group and Leadbolt Partner for Global App Monetization

Sydney and Beijing – Leadbolt, the high performance mobile advertising platform for user acquisition and app monetization, and APUS Group, the world’s biggest Android user system, today announce their strategic app monetization partnership. APUS User System currently represents 600 million users worldwide, with its portfolio including several of the top Android utility and productivity apps on Google Play today: APUS Launcher, APUS Search, APUS Browser, APUS Headlines, APUS Discovery, APUS Know, and APUS Message Center.

The deal was inked in recent days, and brings APUS direct access to Leadbolt’s global premium advertisers. In keeping with APUS Group’s mission to deliver the world’s most intuitive user experience to Android smartphone users worldwide, APUS chose Leadbolt for its unique and user-friendly Mobile Native Ad Solutions that allow beautiful, discreet campaigns from trusted advertisers to fit seamlessly into the unique form, function, design and user flow of their apps.

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Native Advertising - What Makes Us Click - Leadbolt

What Makes Us Click? The Science Behind Effective Native Mobile Advertising

Advertising has always been about creative artistry and leveraging our understanding of deep human needs and behaviors to sell.  The shifting preference away from digital, TV, radio and newspapers toward mobile devices introduces new challenges and a technical awareness required for getting mobile advertising right.  So what’s so different about mobile ads?

In this article, Leadbolt founder Dale Carr shares the new rules for creating a successful mobile advertising campaign, and reveals the secrets behind what motivates audiences to engage, click, view or interact with a mobile ad.  A must-read for mobile marketers!

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SDKBox + Leadbolt

SDKBOX Exceeds 5,000 Mobile Games; Partners with Leadbolt

Leadbolt is Proud to Launch with SDKBOX’s Leading Live Game Operations Framework MENLO PARK, CA – 14 Mar, 2016 –SDKBOX, the revolutionary live game operations platform for mobile game production and operation, today announced major milestones in growing its market footprint since initially launching last July. More than 5,000 mobile titles and over 20 key partners have integrated services in … Read More


Leading the Pack: An Interview with Leadbolt Founder Dale Carr

Leadbolt’s founder, Dale Carr, opens up with the team at Thalamus about the challenges to starting a two-sided marketplace, how the company grew to be the size we are today, and how Leadbolt remains a market leader in mobile UA even with this industry’s hyper-competition.

Dale also reveals candid advice for indie app developers looking to get started with paid user acquisition and which methods work best to attract and retain quality users. A must-read for mobile app developers and mobile marketers.

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Adweek | Social TImes

Mobile Ad Targeting: A Labor of Love

For modern day marketer’s,  attracting and converting the right audiences via mobile devices is labor of love (and often biggest challenge).

Stellar creative campaigns aside, your ad platform partner holds the key to effective targeting, and therefore, controls the quality of new app users or customers you acquire.  Here’s a look at the pros and cons of various mobile advertising targeting technologies and strategies to help you reach those mobile audiences you desire!

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Mobile Marketer

Law of Attraction: How to Court a Mobile App User

Mobile users may discover some applications on their own, but in fact, app advertising is responsible for 57 percent of new app downloads. And for app advertising to continue to attract a steady stream of loyal users, app marketers must perfect their courting skills.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Leadbolt founder and CEO, Dale Carr, provides a crash-course in the Law of Attraction and how to apply this philosophy to your mobile app user acquisition strategy.

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App Usage Increase During Super Bowl 2016

Report: Social Networking Apps Led Usage During the Super Bowl

New data has revealed users did more than watch TV during Super Bowl 50, as the ‘second screen’ trend saw users interact with a variety of apps on their mobile device during the game.

“We tracked mobile app usage across our network of more than 65,000 apps, leading up to, during and directly after the Super Bowl televised broadcast, and found a 27.5 percent spike in casual game and VPN app usage, compared to the average weekend,” explained Dale Carr, founder and CEO of Leadbolt.

This data suggests the importance of a cross-channel marketing strategy, as viewers move simultaneously from TV to mobile apps to engage in a variety of activities, including playing casual games, even during the biggest sports event of the year.

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Information Age
mobile web vs in-app mobile ads_Leadbolt

Mobile web vs. apps: which will triumph in the battle for advertising spend?

Everybody knows mobile devices are an effective channel to reach consumers, but are advertising dollars better spent on the mobile web or within apps?

Leadbolt CEO Dale Carr explains 3 major reasons why in-app mobile advertising offers some clear advantages over mobile web ads. A must-read for app marketers who require the ability to measure lifetime value (LTV) of users post-install, and manage against their acquisition costs.

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