How to get a player to commit to your mobile game

For marketers of mobile games and apps, user acquisition is a lot like swimming in the dating pool. Smartphone users represent a vast population, with differing profiles and varying notions of what it means to play the game. Brands want games that appeal to as wide an audience as possible, yet protect time and resources from attracting incompatible matches. Striking a balance between getting noticed by the right players and avoiding entanglements with wrong ones can be complicated.

Leadbolt founder and CEO Dale Carr offers advice on how to attract high quality users, without sacrificing scale.

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Mobile Marketing Watch

Hello 2017: Is Your Mobile Marketing Ready to Compete?

Brace yourself for a fiercely competitive and creative year ahead, as a steady rise of marketers (and their agencies) continue to spend on mobile advertising.  As more marketers vie for audience attention within mobile apps, it’s a good time to plan a mindful and efficient mobile advertising strategy.

In this article Leadbolt founder and CEO Dale Carr, shares important ways to gain the advantage in an increasingly competitive mobile advertising market, and slay in the coming year.

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Embracing Mobile Advertising in 2017

Since audiences now spend more of their media time engaged in apps than other forms of media (such as television, print, radio, or online), mobile devices have emerged as the clearest opportunity to reach and engage your audiences. Reflecting this reality, global media buying agency GroupM, recently reported that ad spending on mobile is now officially outpacing the spend on television ads: “In 2017, digital [which includes mobile] will capture 77 cents per new dollar, TV will get 17 cents.”  And for good reason.  Mobile advertising works.

For marketers considering mobile advertising (and for marketers who already embrace mobile ads), this article from Leadbolt founder Dale Carr shares proven ways to ensure your mobile ad campaign is set up for success in the year ahead.

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How to make the most of your user acquisition budget

A lot has been written about how to develop mobile-specific creative assets, and the various ad targeting practices that will help achieve high quality users. We have shared formulas for calculating Lifetime Value (LTV), and even clarified some industry terminology and jargon along the way.  Yet not enough has been written about the very topic that drives many app marketing decisions: your budget. With rising costs of user acquisition across a highly competitive app market, mobile performance advertisers must be more disciplined than ever, and mindful of how to make the most of every dollar.

In this Gamasutra article, find out how to set a realistic budget, buy media using the best pricing model for your goal, and stretch you ad budget further.

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Mobile Native Ads: Strong Performers in 2016

If you are a mobile advertiser, you may not have realized Mobile Native Ads have emerged as one of the strongest performing ad types this year. In fact, estimates predict that Native Ads will account for 63% of all mobile display ad spend by 2020. Native Ad placements feature strongly in a range of apps including Twitter and Facebook and should be part of any mobile advertiser’s buying strategy.

Read on as we answer your important questions:

  • What is a Mobile Native Ad?
  • Why are Mobile Native Ads increasingly used?
  • Do I need anything special to run Mobile Native Ads?

To dive deeper into a recent success story, check out this case study from a marketer promoting a taxi app using mobile native ads.

Editor’s note:  We are fortunate to partner with several of the industry’s most respected companies. From time to time we are invited to shed light on a topic we think will be of interest to the app developer and marketer community.  The following article was written for our friends and partners at Apsalar.

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Mobile Native Ads: Should We Believe the Hype?

From mobile video ads, to rewarded video ads (aka incentivised ads), display banners to full-screen interstitials, rich interactive ads, and mobile native ads, it can be a challenge for app publishers and advertisers to discern the unique benefits of each.

Strong claims are being made throughout the advertising industry about the efficacy of mobile native ads, which is why Leadbolt founder and CEO, Dale Carr, examines the hype and data, and sheds light on the pros and cons of these mobile ad darlings.  Read on to see mobile native ad samples, and get all the facts you need for a successful mobile ad campaign!

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Business Insider

India represents a massive growth opportunity for app developers and advertisers

As you may have heard by now, Leadbolt has landed in Bangalore, India. Our team is excited to have a local presence and work hands-on with our partners and client community there.

India is likely to overtake the US by number of developers globally with 4 million people by 2018.  It comes as no surprise that the app market is booming – Total app downloads in India are expected to reach almost 8 billion in 2016. It’s an important time for app developers and advertisers to rise above the clutter with smart, high-performance app-install ads, and reach savvy mobile users with brand messages.  Get more compelling facts about the opportunity to succeed in India in this Business Insider article.

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Leadbolt Opens Bangalore Office

Today we proudly announce the opening of Leadbolt offices in Bangalore (Bangaluru), aka the Silicon Valley of India. Leadbolt’s presence in India adds to our global footprint with our headquarters in Sydney, Australia and locales in Los Angeles and Beijing.

“Expanding our physical presence with a team in India is an obvious choice to better serve our regional clients, as well as tap into the incredibly talented community here,” said Dale Carr, Leadbolt’s founder and CEO.  “It’s an exciting time of growth for Leadbolt, and an unprecedented opportunity as Bangalore emerges as a thriving hotbed of mobile technology and massive mobile user population. We look forward to fully participating in and contributing to the mobile-first culture in a more local, hands-on way.”

According to research by marketing intelligence firm IDC, India represents rapid growth in the number of smartphone users in the country. Smartphone shipments in India grew to 25.6M in the fourth quarter of 2015, up 15% from 2014.  More than 204M smartphones will be in use by year end 2016, and 54% of the entire Indian population will have a mobile device of some form.

From taxi apps to mCommerce apps, mobile games and beyond, Leadbolt proudly helps India’s top mobile app publishers and advertisers drive massive installs and ad engagement.

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Mobile Campaign Optimization: User Acquisition Results in Real Time

Our friends at Adjust invited us to share optimization tips for user acquisition campaigns.  Naturally, we wanted our advice to be practical, valuable and proven – so we turned to a recent example of a hardcore game developer looking to drive high-quality installs.  This game maker (advertiser) wanted volume without compromising quality. Read on to see how they used attribution data to successfully optimize for retention rates and level completions.

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