Leadbolt Officially Part of Google AdMob’s Ad Network Mediation

Leadbolt, the next generation mobile marketing platform, is pleased to announce to all its publishers, app developers and partners around the world that it has officially become part of Google AdMob’s ad network mediation as of January 2015.

The achievement will grant app publishers who are using Google AdMob, Google DFP and Google Mobile Ads SDK the ability to tap into Leadbolt’s high-performance app monetization solutions through its Direct Deals Marketplace for instant access to premium ad partners.

“We are very proud to offer app publishers who are currently using Google mediation, a way to achieve their monetization goals efficiently and tap into our high-performance Direct Deals Marketplace,” said Dale Carr, founder and CEO of Leadbolt.  “Google’s invitation to join as a mediation participant validates the hard work the Leadbolt team has put in to make our monetization solutions best-in-class.  We consider the integration with Google’s mediation products a privilege, and it allows Leadbolt to continue to be available to publishers how and where they want us.”

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