LeadBolt Launches Next Generation Floating Ad Technology

Exclusive Floating Ads Built To Resemble Mobile Gaming App;

New Immersive Experience Answers Demand for High-performance Mobile Ad Alternatives

Today we officially announced a new generation in immersive mobile advertising with the launch of our exclusive Floating Ad technology, creating an increased level of end user engagement through a game-like experience, superior targeting for advertisers and a proven monetization strategy for developers.


Floating Ads entice users by overlaying a mobile app with highly interactive, branded “visual bubbles” containing branded messaging that float over the screen.  Users are encouraged to pop the bubbles to reveal an ad message or URL, much like a game.

Supported in HTML, Android, and iOS, developers can integrate these ad formats upon App Entry, and during the App Engagement stage.

LeadBolt’s targeting technology allows advertising to be served up in a way that is relevant to the user.  Our proprietary ad-serving algorithm delivers the right ad format, at precisely the right time to reach mobile users at peak engagement states during their app usage.

“Recent floating ad campaigns across LeadBolt’s network are already outperforming even the already high-performance interstitial units by an average of 30%,” says Dale Carr, CEO, LeadBolt.  “This is a good indication that carefully placed interactive advertising works harder to engage and convert audiences which is what the brands are looking for and why they work with LeadBolt – we deliver the ads consumers want and ROI brands are looking for.”

“The new floating ads are one of the best forms of mobile advertising being used because they are a good combination of non-intrusive advertisement and have interesting content, which provides a good click–thru rate without losing a positive consumer experience,” states App9’s, CEO and Founder, Goran Smiljanic.

Floating Ads arrive at a time when many app developers are seeking new, more innovative ways of monetizing their apps, specifically Android developers, after the sunset of popular ‘push notifications’.

“It’s undeniable that many Android developers were tremendously affected by the recent changes on Google Play policy. Some struggled at first to replace revenue after the loss of push notifications,” explains Dale Carr, CEO and founder of LeadBolt.  “Our goal was to show that innovation is still alive and strong in the mobile ad space and that good returns can still be obtained through ad supported revenue models.  Early campaigns show that Floating Ads are having an immediate positive impact on the financial health of our customers and their apps.”

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