Leadbolt Launches Connect Mobile Ad Exchange

Leadbolt has launched a mobile advertising exchange platform, Leadbolt Connect.

Leadbolt claims Connect offers ‘more transparency, flexibility and control than traditional blind-networks, with a focus on delivering better quality than RTB platforms’.

The platform is free to use for publishers, and enables them to browse, select or apply for deals of interest, connect with advertisers to establish premium deals, and monitor deal performance in real-time

Connect launched in beta earlier this year, with Leadbolt reporting improvements in app earnings for publishers of as much as 300 per cent.

“We introduced Leadbolt Connect, our direct deal marketplace to address the problems obvious in today’s RTB platforms,” said Leadbolt founder and CEO Dale Carr. “By providing campaign visibility upfront and fostering transparent publisher and advertiser connections, direct deals removes the guesswork, enables more predictable outcomes to advertisers and gives publishers full control of their app’s monetization strategy.”

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