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Leadbolt Inks Exclusive Deal with Teen App Developer Sensation Abdou Sarr

The 17 year old Sarr created Celestial, a relaxation app that quickly rose to the top 50 health apps in North America following its launch earlier this month


Leadbolt, a global discovery and monetization platform for mobile app developers and marketers, today officially welcomes Abdou Sarr, maker of relaxation app, Celestial, to its mobile advertising platform.  Celestial skyrocketed to the list of top 50 health apps in North America after it launched on Sunday, March 8th. The app is available on the App Store for $1.19.  The free, ad-supported version of the app hit the App Store Friday, March 26th.

The app was created when Sarr saw his friends in high school feel the effects of stress while studying for exams and trying to make the grade.  They were also “plugged in” to their devices for long periods of time, which exacerbated the problem.  “Stress is not just a nuisance, it can cause real physical and emotional health problems,” explained Sarr. “That’s when I realized I can do something to help by creating a method of stress relief through an app.  Devices can cause stress, so let’s use them to undo it too.  I’m grateful that my app can play a role in helping people find an instant way to relax or focus.”

The app features 6 sounds – three artificial sounds – white noise, gray noise or brownian noise — and three natural recordings including wind, downpour and ocean waves, which Sarr recorded himself during a recent trip to a beach in Senegal – along with high-definition motion on screen to match the sounds.

“This is an example of a true entrepreneur whose idea is making a difference in the lives of many people.  It’s an honor to help Abdou reach the full monetization potential of his free app, as well as help the app get discovered by even more users,” said Dale Carr, CEO and founder of Leadbolt. “It just goes to show that a little tenacity and a good idea can go a long way.  We’re here to ensure his app thrives as a long-standing business.”

The free app version launched March 26 and includes a combination of high-performance video ads, as well as full-screen interstitials, powered by Leadbolt.

Sarr was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1998. He lives in Ottawa, and attends High School in Nepean as a Grade 11 student.

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