15 Ways To Please Your Game Lovers with Rewarded Video Ads

These days, app developers must use all the right moves in order strike a balance between monetizing their game effectively and satisfying their players with an experience that keeps them coming back.

True, mobile app users have accepted the reality that their favorite free games often come with ads. However, this does not mean they joyfully accept banners occupying valuable screen space. There are simply better ad experiences to be had, one of which has already risen to the top of the acceptance pool: video and rewarded video ads.  In fact, 35 percent of game developers are now using video ads because of their capability to put the power in players’ hands.

In this GamesBeat Guest Post, Leadbolt founder and CEO Dale Carr reveals 15 ways game developers can utilize Rewarded Video Ads to satisfy players and extend gameplay.  The rewards for doing so have never been so sweet.

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