Women Who Code: Meet Emilia Szymańska, Programmer @ Tabasco Interactive


In our latest installment of Women Who Code, we had a chat with the C# Programmer behind one of the App Store’s leading sports apps, Kickerinho! As a member of the Tabasco Interactive team, she is instrumental in making magical experiences come to life, with beautiful and well-crafted games.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Emilia, and for demonstrating to budding app entrepreneurs, coders and programmers that women truly shine in this profession. We know your time is limited, so let’s get going:

Where and when did you learn to code?

During my IT studies, after two years I started my first job, where I learned a more commercial approach.

What were you doing before you started developing apps?

I was studying.

Aside from coding proficiency, what is the single trait, characteristic or skill that is most important to your success as an app developer?


What do you feel is your most significant influence on the product’s outcome?

Fresh look and some new ideas.

Any advice for other women looking to break into the business?

Your knowledge and skill is the only thing that matters.

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MarketingWomen Who Code: Meet Emilia Szymańska, Programmer @ Tabasco Interactive