Will Windows Phone 8 Set a New Benchmark for App Monetization?

There’s little doubt that Microsoft is placing a huge bet on Windows Phone 8 as the core of their future mobile strategy. The operating system is set to tie in seamlessly with Windows 8 on both computers and tablets, and now that ARM and other chipset solutions are supported with Windows, likely many other types of devices as well.

One question that many folks wonder is whether or not developers will follow Microsoft into the future, or if they will continue to focus mostly on iOS and Android. And – if developers do join in – how well they will be able to monetize their apps to ensure that developing for Windows Phone 8 is a sustainable business model.

As it turns out: developers are excited. Very, very excited.

56% of App Developers Expect to Monetize with WP8

The recent 2012 Developer Intentshare Index (released by VisionMobile) suggests that a significant portion of developers preparing to monetize existing apps are likely going to do so through the Windows Phone 8 platform. 56% of developers suggested that WP8 would be their platform of choice, 30% believe the mobile web would be the best way to monetize, 29% chose iOS and 27% choice Android.

Developer App Monetization Expectations

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It’s unclear as to why so many developers believe that WP8 will be the way to go, but it’s likely that with such a powerful tie in to different devices operating windows, high marketing investments from Microsoft and new hardware from Nokia, many developers see this as an additional monetization channel that they aren’t currently making use of.

Integration with Ad Frameworks and Better Trials

Microsoft is also making no secret of their intention to make it far easier for app developers to offer trials, to allow users to purchase downloadable / in-app “consumable” content, and to monetize their apps through the Microsoft Advertising pubCenter. They’re also continuing to bring new countries into the advertising fold at a pretty quick pace with 17 new countries joining the program in July, bringing the total to 36.

One thing is certain: Microsoft knows that app developers need to be able to monetize their work effectively, and they are working hard to better that process in Windows Phone 8.

The Bottom Line: Be Ready for WP8

Regardless of which platforms you currently develop apps for, it will be critical to watch the progression of WP8 to ensure that if it does take off, you are well prepared. At worst you should have a backup plan that includes porting your existing apps over to WP8; at best, you’ll have dedicated code that is ready to take advantage of everything that Microsoft is bring to the table with this new operating system. Windows Phone 8 is just a couple of short months away; be ready!

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Mobile MarketingWill Windows Phone 8 Set a New Benchmark for App Monetization?