Why CEO of App Publisher CryGameStudio is Smiling


As you may know by reading our blog and following our social media channels, we take pride in delivering impressive results for our app developer partners. And while we enjoy the brag rights (let’s be honest, we’re a competitive bunch), we share these Success Stories to help other app developers consider all of the various in-app ad placement choices and format options, and learn what worked well for different app genres. There’s a lot we can learn by examining case studies. Yet while we can share app monetization performance and eCPMs achieved, there’s still one metric that we consider equally important to your bottom line and truly reflects how we feel about our partners – Customer Service.

When we receive positive feedback from our partners about a particular Account Manager’s expertise or helpfulness, or an anecdote about their experience working together, we value it and know we are doing it right.

Here’s one such testimonial from CryGameStudio, makers of Android Shooting and Racing games, with whom we have the pleasure of working for over a year and continue to call a partner.

Objective – Searched for top quality service and ease in payment.

Leadbolt Solution – After discussing successful monetization strategy and various other monetization aspects, Mr. Rahman found the service levels at Leadbolt were above the rest, and this direct access to monetization experts allowed him to best optimize his apps. The revenues generated by this were also paid quickly and on time.

Results – Very strong revenue results and peace of mind knowing he always had someone available to resolve any issues he had.

“At first I used many ad services to check which is best, but in the end I found Leadbolt best because your service is good. Whatever my need or question, you always respond within no time. That’s my experience with Leadbolt. Secondly, your payment mechanism is very easy and very good. I always prefer Leadbolt.” – Tanzeel Rahman, CEO of CryGameStudio


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MarketingWhy CEO of App Publisher CryGameStudio is Smiling