What to Wear This Fall: Spectacles by Snapchat (now Snap Inc.)


There has been quite some buzz going through the fashion and tech industry that we thought it deserved a “look” at what has kicked up such a storm. It all of course resolves around one of the hottest “IT” companies in the world. It’s fended off the likes of Facebook in a David and Goliath like stare down by spurning an acquisition offer and then a threat to make them obsolete with Facebook’s attempt to replicate. It appears that nothing, absolutely nothing, can stop their meteoric increase in popularity as they continue to dominate the ephemeral message space and gain even more loyal followers and users as their demographics cover an ever wider audience and snap base. The future of Snapchat is so bright in fact that they are starting to influence fashion. To such an extent in fact, that we all might be wearing their Spectacles this Fall – that is if we can get our hands on the small batch supply. Fyi, Snapchat also changed their name to Snap Inc., reflecting its new direction as it diversifies its product offerings into so much more than an iconic app. Could they be so successful that they actually do what Google couldn’t with their Google Glass ? Only time will tell. The important thing though is that you are on top of this newest fashion accessory. The obvious place to start is by tell you more about what they are.

What Are Spectacles?

Spectacles are the first connected wearable product by Snap. For $129 a pair, these one-size-fits-all bright colored sunglasses (your choice of black, teal or coral) have a built-in camera lens that captures your moments in 10 second increments. For longer video storytelling, you can record three 10-second videos in a row. Spectacles work by pressing a small record button at the upper right of the lens. The 115 degree video capability creates a field of vision and perspective as natural as the human eye, for a more authentic and realistic visual experience.

How Do They Work?

The Spectacles will store the videos as a stand alone device, and allow you to transfer the files to your Android device using Wi-Fi. For iPhones, the video files will transfer by default via the glasses’ Bluetooth connection. Or, you can choose to transfer them at a higher resolution over Wi-Fi.

When you’re ready to play back your footage, Spectacles will format your video into landscape or portrait – depending on how you want to view it. They also come with their own case (and cable) that can recharge the glasses up to 4 times when fully charged.

Are We Buying It?

More than an accessory, Spectacles tick the box for toy lovers, fashionistas, artists and anyone who loves to capture the daily “spectacles” in their lives (see what they did there?). It’s a fun extension to the Snapchat chat, and a perfect holiday present. With 150 million daily active users on Snapchat, Spectacles sales are promising.

So, the question is are you going to be looking through the lenses of the future and embracing Spectacles are are you going to stand by the sidelines while everyone snaps you …. well …. standing by the sidelines.

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MarketingWhat to Wear This Fall: Spectacles by Snapchat (now Snap Inc.)