Updated PhoneGap Support for iOS

Great News! With the recent release of our latest iOS SDK and due to popular demand, we have updated our iOS support information for PhoneGap.

LeadBolt’s ad formats have always been compatible with PhoneGap, however with our new easy to follow instructions (available in the publisher portal help section), adding LeadBolt to your iOS PhoneGap app is easier than ever before!

Integrating LeadBolt ads into PhoneGap apps for iOS does not require any additional libraries and can be achieved with a few simple changes to the standard SDK integration methods. Android developers using PhoneGap can also integrate the LeadBolt ad SDK by downloading our Android PhoneGap library and following the included integration guide.

You can get the full instructions on integrating LeadBolt into iOS and Android PhoneGap apps from the App Developer Framework section of the Help tab in the LeadBolt publisher portal.

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