Updated iOS SDK v3.03 – Simpler Ad Integration

We’ve released a new and updated version of our iOS SDK and it is now available for download in your Publisher Portal. We always strive to make it as easy as possible for our publishers to add our SDK powered ad types to their apps.

With this updated iOS SDK release, we have streamlined the integration process for this latest version of the SDK, minimising the code required to serve ads in Apple iOS apps and making the integration process much simpler for publishers.

With just two lines of code required in order to integrate our SDK powered ad types to your iOS apps, publishers will find adding LeadBolt to their apps using this latest SDK version easier and more straightforward.

In addition, various performance enhancements have been included in this version of the SDK, including improvements to memory management.

How To Get Started

You can now download/update to the latest version of the iPhone SDK by visiting the ‘Help/ FAQs’ tab then clicking on the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab in your publisher portal. Please read the updated PDF documentation included to migrate to the new SDK version seamlessly.

Login to your Publisher Account and download the latest version of our iPhone SDK now!


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MarketingUpdated iOS SDK v3.03 – Simpler Ad Integration