Travel App Downloads Soar Using Leadbolt Mobile Native Ads


High Demand for Travel Apps

Travel apps are the fastest growing category for mobile usage, and consumer demand has never been stronger. According to Nielsen, last year Travel apps saw the highest increase in time spent, increasing 40% from 1 hour and 28 minutes per person to 2 hours and 3 minutes per person.

MakeMyTrip on GooglePlay

Over 15 million happy travelers on MakeMyTrip app enjoy exclusive app discounts on hotel bookings,  IRTC-authorized railway ticket booking, and an overall seamless booking experience on travel within India and abroad.

Campaign Objective

MakeMyTrip wanted to grow its user base across India. The goal was to increase the volume of travelers using the app, while not compromising quality. Additionally, efficiency in ad spend was a high priority.

Leadbolt Strategy

Leadbolt examined our platform activity to identify top sources of high-value users across related lifestyle, wellness, travel and utility mobile app environments.  By tapping into specific premium publishers that matched our user profile and behavioral criteria, we were able to reach our targets.  After a test period, we optimized the campaign set up and creatives to further drive conversions, and then scaled the program to reach high volume.

The campaign utilized a combination of Leadbolt’s ad formats – full-screen interstitials with auto-orientation, and video ads — that were served into app environments natively.

Campaign Results

Massive downloads:         Achieved goal for high volume of quality users

Strong retention:              Avg. 75% exceeded Retention rate goals

High LTV users:                 Nearly 2% of all users made a purchase within 7 days

Quality engagements:      Native ads attracted genuinely interested users; deterred accidental clicks

High-efficiency:                 Fully-optimized in real-time to maximize Conversion rates

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MarketingTravel App Downloads Soar Using Leadbolt Mobile Native Ads