Top Picks from the Apple WWDC 2016


The Apple WWDC 2016 may have finished, but there’s still lots to unpack as the Leadbolt team reviews the latest innovations and their implications to mobile app developers and marketers.  Here are the bits that make us excited for the arrival of fall and the future of mobile advertising:

WatchOS 3 Update

WatchO3 is upping the watch game bringing many improvements that reflect the way we live. With many helpful and personal features, it’s safe to say that Apple Watch will become a permanent fixture in our lives – so much more than a watch, we think there should be a different name for it.

With up to 7X faster app load speeds, we expect users to download more apps.  Without the wait time, there’s fewer excuses to try new apps.

A new control center and dock feature establishes a command center.  Proof that these wearables are establishing their importance in our everyday lives.

Keeping us safe – The timing of this new feature is especially poignant given recent tragedies in the US.  Whether out jogging at night, or feeling cautious in a new environment, rest assured that the new ‘SOS’ mode will call 911, or any local emergency number depending on where you are located internationally. Simply holding down the button on the side of the watch summons emergency aid.

New watch apps:

“Scribble” is a new app that allows you to respond in handwriting, and detects any language!  No time for that?  A ‘quick reply’ button offers an array of pre-written smart responses from which to choose.

The Apple Watch continues to inspire better health, introducing a new breath meditation program as well as a wheelchair-friendly mode for greater inclusion.

Let’s hear it for equality! Just like Mickey, Minnie Mouse now gets a watch face.  (Late, but we’ll take it.)


Third party app development is alive and well for Apple TV. There are now 1,300 video channels available via the platform (vs. just 80 video channels last year).

Remote Controls – Whether you can’t find your physical remote, or need a few more while playing multli-player games, now you can access a Remote App via tvOS.

The new single sign-on mode on the Apple TV gives you all-in-one access to live tv, your cable channels and on-demand programming.

OS X is now called macOS

Continuity and seamlessness among Apple devices (Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iCloud, Apple Pay, etc.) is a main focus of the new operating system version, called Sierra. If you’ve got all the Apple products then Sierra allows greater communication and authentication among all your gadgets.  We think one of the best features (as predicted) is that Siri comes to desktop, right from the dock.

iOS 10

The developer preview for iOS 10 is already available, and a public beta will come out in July. The public rollout will arrive in the fall.

Big theme here: Siri, Maps and Messages are open to developers too!

We repeat:  Siri will be open for third party app developers!

Feeling inspired?  You should be.  Siri could potentially help app users make a purchase, send a message, invite multiple players in-game, all while spending time in your app.  We’re already scheduling  brainstorms for ways to incorporate her in apps.

Maps summarized the awesome shortcuts on Maps: “With Maps, there are new recommendation shortcuts for you to find exactly what you want from Maps, such as cuisine types in a restaurant search mode. You can also search for nearby stops on a map route such as a gas station or restaurants and see how long it’ll take to detour over there.

Attention app developers:  “Now you can book your dinner reservation from the map through a third party app like OpenTable, then book a ride to go there all via Maps.”


Mobile messaging is changing the way we communicate.  The use of the period as punctuation in texts is officially over, for example.

Enter the latest way to convey a precise meaning with your messages:  new animated text stylizations such as: “smash,” “gentle,” and “loud”.

Emojis are also 3x bigger, and words that are highlighted suggest an emoji replacement.  Message confidently using words or pics.

Preparing a new generation of Swift Coders

Clever, Apple!   Now kids can learn how to code in Swift, right from the iPad.  The app is called Swift Playground and will be free. A new generation of app developers is born.

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