The Big Reveal: Get that new Apple Watch Smell!


For many people around the world, the thrill of unwrapping the new Apple Watch will be delayed due to wait lists for the popular wearable device.

All pre-orders are in place, with new orders pushed back as far as July.  While you can try the samples on in-store, the Apple Watch inventory isn’t expected to be in physical stores for at least another month.  The unprecedented demand is so high, that recent reports reveal only 22% of Apple Watch buyers received their watches during the release weekend.

Is the Apple Watch worth the wait?  ABSOLUTELY!  But waiting is no fun.

That said, wait no more!  Get a whiff of that New Apple Watch smell, straight from the box.  We’re one of the lucky ones and we want to share our first moments with the device as we unbox the first Apple Watch in Australia, and make history.  Special thanks to Apple for the amazing gift and opportunity.

Video:  See the Big Reveal of the Apple Watch at Leadbolt HQ!


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MarketingThe Big Reveal: Get that new Apple Watch Smell!