That’s a Good Boy…Dog Simulator App Fetches $14 eCPMs!

Dog Simulator Fetchs $14 eCPMs

Leadbolt’s full-screen interstitial ads fetched $14 eCPMs and created an entirely new revenue stream for Mobile Apps Ltd., maker of free Android casual game, Dog Simulator.

Leadbolt enabled us to monetize our app in a non-intrusive fashion, allowing us to expand our game with new features and content without having to rely solely on In-App Purchases,” said Warren Miller, Director, Mobile Apps Ltd.  “The Interstitial Ad Format is very easy to implement in the Unity game engine and the eCPMs blow us away. We would highly recommend having a look at the Leadbolt platform.”

The Objective:

Mobile Apps Ltd. sought additional ways to generate revenue from their free Dog Simulator game, beyond offering in-app purchase opportunities to players.

Leadbolt Solution:

Mobile Apps Ltd. integrated Leadbolt’s full-screen Interstitials, which were placed at non-intrusive moments within the game, allowing players to continue engaging with the game uninterrupted.

The Results are in!

The Interstitial ads continue to provide an ongoing source of high revenue, month over month.


  • $14+ eCPMs
  • 0% App Store Fee
  • New Revenue Stream

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MarketingThat’s a Good Boy…Dog Simulator App Fetches $14 eCPMs!