Campaign Success: Cab App Drives Massive Installs with Mobile Native Ads


Client Satisfaction

“With emphasis on maintaining quality, our user acquisition results skyrocketed with Leadbolt as our ad partner. We’re achieving 500,000 installs a month from top quality users using mobile native ads. The Leadbolt team is attentive and manages our campaign performance with unparalleled service and success.” – User Acquisition Manager

Advertiser:      Popular on-demand transportation app

Region:            Cities across India

Platform:         Android

Campaign:       Leadbolt Mobile Native Ads and Interstitials


This popular on-demand cab app for Android provides reliable and safe transportation across several cities in India. They came to Leadbolt looking to grow their user base significantly without sacrificing quality. While other ad networks promised volume, the app managers did not want to compromise on Quality or Scale. They needed a partner that could deliver both.

Leadbolt Solution

With guidance from Leadbolt’s hands-on Managed Service team, Native Mobile Ads were placed seamlessly into a variety of premium apps that matched the desired audience profiles and behaviors. Additionally, full-screen Interstitial ads were delivered into best-fit apps at precise times of day (e.g., commuting hours, weekends, etc.) to promote peak engagement.


The combination of careful mobile in-app Native Ad placements and Interstitials drove User Acquisition efforts to new heights, achieving 500,000 new app installs per month from high quality users.

Mission accomplished: Leadbolt achieved both Scale and Quality, fostering lasting retention levels and setting the roadmap for enduring success.

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MarketingCampaign Success: Cab App Drives Massive Installs with Mobile Native Ads