Make Playable Ads work for you

Make mibile playable ads work for you. Tips for designing for performance

Playable ads are the new buzz in mobile advertising and because of their effectiveness in captivating users to interact, install and engage when compared to other ad formats, they’ve become an integral part of mobile user acquisition strategies. We at Leadbolt have been testing and analyzing the anatomy of Playable ads for over a year, and have identified the key … Read More

MarketingMake Playable Ads work for you

LeadBolt in Strategic Partnership with

LeadBolt just got bigger & better! One of the most innovative digital companies in Asia-Pacific,, have partnered with us to expand mobile offers to LeadBolt publishers. The strategic partnership with will enable LeadBolt to tap into new markets and reach greater heights. This deal will enable LeadBolt Publishers to improve performance across Android & iPhone platforms by taking … Read More

MarketingLeadBolt in Strategic Partnership with