Five Ways App Marketers Can Conserve Resources

Five ways mobile app marketers can conserve resources and lean on their mobile ad network partner

Time is precious and with most User Acquisition teams lean and overworked, it’s time app marketers are let in on a valuable mobile advertising tip: Let your ad network do it!  Ad delivery platforms and providers that offer fully-managed service (as we do) pride themselves on being true partners—an extension of your in-house team—so put it to the test this … Read More

MarketingFive Ways App Marketers Can Conserve Resources

LeadBolt in Strategic Partnership with

LeadBolt just got bigger & better! One of the most innovative digital companies in Asia-Pacific,, have partnered with us to expand mobile offers to LeadBolt publishers. The strategic partnership with will enable LeadBolt to tap into new markets and reach greater heights. This deal will enable LeadBolt Publishers to improve performance across Android & iPhone platforms by taking … Read More

MarketingLeadBolt in Strategic Partnership with

How to increase your app installs for free

Chances are you have developed a great app. Maybe you even have couple of them. Now what? When it comes to measuring the success of your apps, the key metrics are: install rates, number of active users, amount of app reviews and quality of user ratings. Many app developers realize that marketing becomes crucial these days. There are many ways … Read More

MarketingHow to increase your app installs for free