Success Story: App Downloads Take Off Across Malaysia for Mobile Multiplayer Game


“Leadbolt’s fully-managed service took the guesswork out of the campaign process for us.  They delivered quality users quickly, saving us time and money. We trust the team and continue to partner with them for our game advertising.”


Mobile Game:            DDT, Casual/Teen

Platform:                    Android, Google Play

Ad Formats:              Mobile Native Ad Placements – Interstitial Ads + Video Ads

About the Game

“MMOG DDT” is a multiplayer casual sports game, offering players an intense, competitive rivalry and the opportunity to make in-app purchases. Built for a teen audience, DDT builds on its popular web version to bring additional interactive and sharing elements to the mobile experience.

Campaign Objective

MMOG.Asia turned to Leadbolt to raise awareness of the game’s updated version and to increase downloads among high-value players across Malaysia!

With limited in-house marketing staff, MMOG required an expert, hands-on team to guide and implement the campaign from start to finish, and achieve success quickly.


Leadbolt’s fully managed service allowed MMOG to focus on what they do best – build amazing mobile games.

Every aspect of the campaign delivery was managed by Leadbolt’s optimization experts, who defined the targeting strategy, and applied real-time data to test and refine the campaign for peak performance, while Leadbolt’s programmatic bidding ensured maximum efficiency.

A variety of Leadbolt Mobile Native Ad formats – (a combination of full-screen Interstitial ads and Mobile Video Ads) – showcased MMO’s colorful and exciting creatives.  These non-incentivized ads were thoughtfully placed within Leadbolt’s network of premium app environments in a way that complemented the user experience, for maximum engagement and high-quality conversions.


Leadbolt’s fully-managed service and programmatic platform delivered top results, achieving:

  • Maximum Install Cap – reached goal of daily cap
  • High Quality Users – those who spend regularly on in-app purchases
  • 100% turnkey campaign planning and execution
  • High-Efficiency – programmatic buying ensured competitive rates at scale

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MarketingSuccess Story: App Downloads Take Off Across Malaysia for Mobile Multiplayer Game