Seasonal Strategies for Games


Timing is everything and capitalizing on holidays is key to driving fresh content to your games. Let’s face it, holiday seasons such as Christmas, Halloween & Valentine’s Day are revenue beasts. As a developer/publisher, all you have to do is jump in and take a slice.

Let’s discuss strategy around this to ensure you are getting the most out of your apps/games this time of the year.

Always plan ahead, and plan well. Design many test pilots and put them through the grind…

Points to note:

Create a Story Around the Season


Open up a new level and recreate your character to look like Santa and have him do Santa things within your game (if the strategy fits) e.g., get him to stop for milk and cookies or jump down a chimney etc.  Be creative.

Jazz up your splash screen on entry, throw some snow around and a couple of bells in the corner. Add snow to your app if it’s suitable and also play around with sounds. End of level can have a “Ho Ho Ho!” Add the sounds of bells when/if your character collects item or succeeds at something.


Be Charitable

Choose a relevant charity and commit all in-app purchases in December to a charity of your choice. Promote your charitable activities.  Notify the charity, they may give your game a push on their social channels!

Tie in Events

Don’t stop purely with seasons, think about events such as the FIFA World Cup™, Super Bowl and other universally loved events. Companies like McDonald’s etc. are notorious for having big competitions during these events. If this timing strategy is good for them it should be good for you!

AngryBirdsWorldCupSeasonThe main reason behind adapting this strategy is to keep users engaged in your apps. As the climate becomes more and more competitive, users are spoiled for choice. Developers are constantly being pushed to strive to achieve the best results. You need to be ambitious and creative – ALWAYS.

Your users will be re-engaged with an old app they didn’t pick up for a while with these changes and that is the best form of re-kindled love in the app world.

Also make sure you have a clear message that the update includes seasonal changes and also try to figure a relevant Ad Strategy that complements this as user engagement is high and more likely to download a Christmas version of a game or app which brings in MORE REVENUE!

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