Roundup: What’s New in Mobile Measurement and Attribution

News Roundup - What's new in mobile campaign measurement and attribution - February 2019. The latest announcements from Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Singular, and Tune

February brought big announcements from several of the leading measurement and attribution companies across the mobile advertising industry. Many new features offer additional methods and tools for campaign measurement, as app marketers continuously strive to get a clearer picture about the new users they bring onboard, and streamline their advertising practices to become even more efficient at attracting high value users and eliminating wasteful spending.

Leadbolt is proud to be integration partners supporting Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Singular, TUNE, and many others. Here’s the roundup of what’s new and in the works:


Announced:      User-Level Ad Revenue Tracking

What It Does:   Using a combination of data points, publishers will be able to view campaign engagement on a more granular level. The intent is to identify which sources (users) interact with ads, and which users generate the most ad revenue. Most ad networks provide aggregate data to marketers, but this style of integration brings an opportunity to change that.

How It Works:  The new feature is currently in Beta stage (as of February 21, 2019), and Adjust is working to scale the offering. User habit data from participating mediation and network platforms will be funneled to their system, so publishers will gain a privacy-compliant method to tie back monetization revenue to the source.


Announced:     People-Based Attribution

What It Is:         Enriched access to data that provides one holistic view of the customer journey across multiple touchpoints, connected devices, digital platforms, and media channels.

How It Works:  The dashboard connects the dots along a user’s path to purchase. One initial feature in AppsFlyer’s suite of people-based attribution products is Smart Banners, helping marketers create the perfect trigger point along the customer journey and convert web traffic into highly engaged, loyal mobile app users. The feature is powered by AppsFlyer’s OneLink technology, which ensures that a user is taken to the most relevant page within their app, based on their initial intent, creating a seamless user experience.


Announced:      Enhancements To Its IdentityLink Offering

What It Is:         Kochava’s deterministic attribution capability is now extended to mobile web channels. Through IdentityLink, Kochava builds a unique bridge between a user’s interactions with ads across in-app and mobile web environments on the same device.

How It Works:  Probabilistic attribution, which had been the industry default for some time, is somewhat more susceptible to fraud, and Kochava is moving away from probabilistic signals to more accurate and reliable deterministic signals. Kochava’s platform digests unique identifiers about audiences from customer sources (CRM, POS, or other internal user identifiers) to provide a cross-device, people-based view of the customer journey.


Announced:     Cross-Device and Cross-platform ROI Analytics

What It Is:         With the release of Cross-Device Attribution, Singular’s Marketing Intelligence Platform now connects marketing spend data to conversion results across devices and platforms.

How It Works:  “First, we ingest granular spend and marketing data from thousands of sources. Then we connect it with attribution data from our easy-to-implement in-app and web SDKs as well as direct integrations with customer data platforms, analytics solutions, and internal BI systems. Finally, we match the two datasets,” as described in the announcement.


Announced:      Performance Automation is Now Available In the HasOffers Platform

What It Is:          A set of features and optimization tools integrated directly into HasOffers, and are available free of charge to all TUNE Enterprise customers.

How It Works: Affiliate networks and advertisers can set their desired optimization settings and thresholds, and the HasOffers platform does the rest. The system will automatically spot low-performing, low-value, low-profitability traffic and take action on it, 24/7.


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MarketingRoundup: What’s New in Mobile Measurement and Attribution