Revenue Wishes Come True for Birthday Invitation app, using Leadbolt Ads


Publisher’s Objective: 

C&C CarrionCastillo, Publishers of a variety of Entertainment apps, sought to earn more revenue from their ‘Create Birthday Invitations’ Android app. Smart design and high quality experiences were important factors in determining which in-app ad solution to use, as they did not want to deter users with intrusive ad formats.

Leadbolt Solution:         

A dedicated Leadbolt Account Manager performed a diagnostic to identify best-fit mobile ad opportunities that would complement the app environment. By updating to the latest Leadbolt SDK and placing an auto-formatting interstitial ad unit within the app, C&C was able to create an entirely new monetization driver that automatically formatted to various device screen sizes, for perfect in-app display each and every time.


Leadbolt’s Auto-Formatting Interstitial mobile ads delivered reliably high-quality ad experiences, maintained the app’s attractive environment and functionality, and generated higher interest from users. Further, they reported a rise in the volume of users who RETAINED the app on their phones.

In just one month, the app achieved:

  • Higher eCPMs – eCPMs grew steadily from $0.50 to $4-$5 avg.!
  • Higher Retention

The Leadbolt team helped us generate higher revenue from our app, and their service has exceeded our expectations. Big thanks to Florence! Our team appreciates the quality ads. We trust Leadbolt, they delivered on their promise.”

— Maria del Pilar Castillo Martinez, C&C CarrionCastillo

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MarketingRevenue Wishes Come True for Birthday Invitation app, using Leadbolt Ads