Ready to move beyond Apple?

Is iPhone a technology that’s past is use-by date? Or perhaps they have just blown their opportunities to market in recent months? These are big statements and maybe controversial but should be put on the record.


I have read many times that iPhone is the phone that desired by most consumers yet every time I read the statistics I become further convinced that life for Apple is just getting harder and that the mobile explosion that’s underway is already way bigger than iPhone.

Lets looks at some facts,

  • In most countries you can get an android phone or iphone on a plan at about the same price, so price is not a factor and most carriers can offer both devices.
  • Month on month browsing trends show Android’s market share of global mobile web stats are growing. From 11% a year ago to 22% now, where iPhone has been nominally steady in the 17-19% band.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S2 is making big dents into the desirability preferences (47% for Samsung Galaxy S2 vs 23% for iphone) of new user mindsets directly taking market share from Apple.

Where are Apple’s new users?

Have they stopped listening to the marketing overtures from Apple? We all know that the iPhone 5 is imminent, yet where is the real excitement for their latest phone product.

With current iPhone’s at hardware version 4/ OS version 5, there is little hardware wise that will not already be anticipated by competitors – more and better of the same. What’s worse, it’s now possible to reasonably claim that the iPhone product is becoming too common-place. Desire-ability is an ephemeral thing but driven by the lust for the new and the status it conveys. Owning an iPhone doesn’t bring the social status it once did and in some ways its almost a commodity item.

At the same time Android is building a huge buzz. The carriers are delighted to have many models to entice users and budgets. Android support by carriers for prepaid options are helping to reach other areas on the consumer spectrum that Apple isn’t. Meanwhile, Google’s have purchased Motorola Mobility, Microsoft’s new partnership with Nokia has pushed Windows7 phones clear to #3, and the industry is alive with media for all things non Apple.

Perhaps Apple have simply moved on and are now focused on the iPad. Here is a virgin market with few competitors, strong opportunity for growth and a desire-ability that’s allowed Apple to delay the next product version. Ahh … to have that luxury!

As for phones? iPhone 5 will have to be out of this world to reverse these trends.

Watch this space, either way it will be amazing.


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Dale CarrReady to move beyond Apple?