Playable Ads Attract Hungry Users for Word Cookies Casual Game


The king of brain teasers, Word Cookies by BitMango, challenges you to find hidden words, and easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. It’s free to play – and with tons of unique levels and daily bonus rewards, this casual game is deliciously addictive!


BitMango partnered with Leadbolt to identify and engage high-quality players, and scale up:

For many marketers of casual games on mobile, installs alone are not the primary goal of user acquisition. BitMango’s top priority is the quality of the new players coming in. Engagement – what the players do in the game – (e.g., reach a level or threshold, time spent playing), and Retention – how often they return to play – are the metrics that signal value, ROI and sustainable growth.     BitMango-Word-Cookies-casual-mobile-game-app

ADVERTISER:               BitMango


CATEGORY:                  Casual Game, Puzzle

PLATFORM:                  Android & iOS

CAMPAIGN TYPE:        User Acquisition and Retention

AD FORMATS:              Static, Rewarded Videos & Playables

DURATION:                  August 1 – August 30


Using Leadbolt’s proprietary targeting algorithms, predictive modelling, and direct network of premium app publishers, we identified ideal user characteristics and top performing mobile environments across geos.

  • Historical Learning – Applying data, known user behavior patterns and other insights from across the Casual Game vertical
  • Segmented Targeting – Going beyond app level data to reach users on a more granular level
  • Day-Parting – Identifying specific days and hours that yield higher app engagement



Leadbolt’s new Playable ads allowed users to experience playing a mini-game of Word Cookies before download, ensuring player satisfaction and drastically reducing potential for churn.


Our robust systems and clear strategies were coupled with a dedicated Account Strategist who monitored data in real-time and optimized the campaign delivery to achieve the specific performance goals.




sample Playable Ads used by BitMangosample-mobile-ad-static-display-used-by-bitmangoleadbolt-rewarded-video-mobile-ad-format










 50 percent users retained on day 1 were active on day 7


60k new users acquired in just 1 month


Day 1 Retention Exceeded Campaign GoalsCLIENT SATISFACTION

“Leadbolt Playable Ads routinely exceed our performance benchmarks. We are seeing continually strong levels of high-quality new users coming in, and the scale we need is there. The Leadbolt team cares about achieving our specific KPIs and keeps us on track reaching our goals.

 We are very happy with the high level of personal attention and expertise.Our long-standing partnership with Leadbolt is a testament to our satisfaction and trust in them.” – BitMango

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MarketingPlayable Ads Attract Hungry Users for Word Cookies Casual Game