Official Release of New Publisher iPhone SDK v3.00

We are so excited to have officially released the latest version of our iPhone SDK for LeadBolt (version 3.00) and it is now available for download in your Publisher Portal.

This updated publisher SDK for iOS (v.3.00) features the following new additions which will surely help you achieve even more from your iOS apps!

  1. New ad types (Audio ads)
  2. Enhancements to existing ad types (Audio enhanced In-App Alerts)
  3. New features (optional EULA)
  4. iOS 6 IFA/IDFA and performance enhancements

Here the details …

Audio Ads [New]
Audio ads provide the next dimension in ad experience and app monetization for app developers and can work seamlessly alongside app ads. This is a new ad type available for publishers to create and add to their apps.

Audio Enhanced Ads
The next dimension Audio ads are available on selected Display Ad Templates to further enhance app monetization. This advanced functionality improves the performance of Interstitials and In-App Alerts.

EULA Support
An optional EULA is now available for iOS publishers when setting up their apps, allowing publishers to provide more information about the local notification advertisements integrated into their app, with both Full Terms and Summary Terms options.

IFA/IDFA Support on iOS 6
This USDK also extends the IFA/IDFA support included in iOS 6 and above, so that iOS App Publishers can feel confident this new ad serving ID is handled properly.

Other iOS 6 Enhancements
This USDK also includes a number of iOS 6 specific enhancements to ensure the ad serving experience is optimal on these new versions, including support for armv7s architecture.

How To Get Started
You can now download/update to the latest version of the iPhone SDK by visiting the ‘Help/ FAQs’ tab then clicking on the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab in your publisher portal. Please read the updated PDF documentation included to migrate to the new SDK version seamlessly.

Login to your Publisher Account and download the latest version of our iPhone SDK now!

We continually strive to provide our publishers with the most effective and high performing advertising experience for their users. Extending audio ads to iOS will increase advertising performance for publishers and diversify the ad format options for publishers.


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MarketingOfficial Release of New Publisher iPhone SDK v3.00