Official Launch of New Marmalade Compatibility Library

I am proud to announce our collaboration and partnership with the Marmalade team and the release of the new Marmalade Compatibility Library for Android and Apple iOS systems including iPad and iPhone. Designed as a joint project between both companies, the Marmalade Compatibility Library allows app developers to integrate LeadBolt’s monetization potential into each application they create. This added functionality is expected to attract even more developers to the innovative LeadBolt mobile advertising network and the chance to monetize their applications more effectively by design.

We are excited to bring LeadBolt’s high performance ad types to this well-respected development platform. Marmalade is the platform behind some of the world’s most exciting apps and is used by many of the leading app developers of our time. We are pleased to be working with Marmalade and look forward to providing their developer community with effective monetization solutions for their apps.

Marmalade is an innovative software development kit designed to allow developers to design and program in C++ for a variety of mobile platforms including Apple iOS and Android systems. This innovative approach to app development makes Marmalade a popular choice among top-end app designers. The release of the Marmalade Compatibility Library will benefit app developers who want to program with Marmalade and monetize with LeadBolt.

With this latest partnership, LeadBolt further cements its position as the leading monetization solution for app developers on both the Android and the iOS platforms. The Marmalade Compatibility Library is designed to work seamlessly with the cross-platform functionality of the Marmalade app development toolkit, ensuring that app developers can incorporate the earning potential of LeadBolt’s mobile advertising network into each and every app they design.


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MarketingOfficial Launch of New Marmalade Compatibility Library