Official Launch of LeadBolt Windows 8 SDK

Here is another reason why you should get excited about LeadBolt once again…

We’ve now officially launched our new Windows 8 SDK and it is now available in the LeadBolt Portal for all publishers! This is very exciting news as our ad serving technology has now extended to yet another platform which increases the potential for the monetization of Windows 8 apps for publishers, giving them access to our very effective SDK powered ad types in addition to our HTML ads.

With ad serving now provided for Windows 8 devices, our Advertisers can easily create and target compatible ad campaigns to this platform so as to broaden their reach even further to engage a whole new app user base throughout the entire app usage cycle.

Using our Windows 8 SDK, publishers can now access the following premium ad formats:

  • Interstitials
  • App Walls
  • Advanced Overlays
  • In-App Alerts
  • Banner Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Audio Ads

Using HTML integration, publishers can now access the following HTML compatible ad formats:

  • Banner Ads
  • App Walls

Publishers can now download the new Windows 8 SDK by visiting the ‘Help/ FAQs’ tab then clicking on the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab in their publisher portal. Please read the updated PDF documentation included to get started with the new Windows 8 SDK seamlessly.

Microsoft Build 2013 – QuickStart Challenge

The LeadBolt Windows 8 SDK will be featured as part of the Microsoft Build 2013 event in San Francisco, happening from June 26-28. The LeadBolt SDK will be integrated into Windows 8 apps by groups of developers as part of a 20 minute QuickStart challenge, to demonstrate how simple it is to integrate LeadBolt’s effective ad serving technology to Windows 8 apps.

We continuously strive to provide publishers with high performing advertising solutions for their apps on popular platforms and advertisers the ability to target new platforms with growing user bases so as to achieve even better results in their ad campaigns.



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