Official Launch of Basic4android Compatibility Library

I’m proud to announce that we have officially released our new Basic4Android Compatibility Library. Created in conjunction with the Basic4Android team, this new toolkit for application developers is intended to make it easier and faster to add LeadBolt’s unique monetization methods to software applications at all stages of development.

Basic4Android is a major contender in Android application development and puts the power and simplicity of the Basic language into the hands of developers in the Android market. Basic has long been the standard for ease of use in the programming field and is the basis for Microsoft Visual Basic. The Basic4Android programming platform is based on an advanced Rapid Application Development tool that makes it simple to create Android programs quickly and easily in Basic. The platform then compiles the information into a Java-compatible format to ensure seamless native integration in the Android operating system environment.

This collaboration is expected to prove advantageous to both companies. The Basic4Android development platform will gain greater visibility with developers already using LeadBolt’s monetization methods, and we will provide even better service for our clients by providing this advanced software toolkit. The Basic4Android Compatibility Library will make it easier for app developers to integrate LeadBolt’s full array of advertising and monetizing techniques into their applications, allowing them to earn more with every app they deliver.

LeadBolt publishers can download the Compatibility Library and obtain software support at forums.

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