Nigerian Shopping App Jiji Grows Its Marketplace Using Mobile Native Ads


With 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 installs on Google Play, is one of the biggest classified ad sites in Nigeria and one of the best marketplaces in the country which brings buyers and sellers together. The mobile app lets users find everything from laptops and smartphones, shoes and clothing, property and jobs, tokunbo (used vehicles and imports to Nigeria) and a vast variety of cars for sale.

The app lets users create ads of their own, search products for sale, and call or message the sellers instantly.

ADVERTISER:                     Jiji

CATEGORY:                         Shopping App

PLATFORM:                        Android, Google Play

CAMPAIGN TYPE:            App Install Campaign

AD FORMATS:                   Mobile Native Ads and in-app Video ads


Jiji’s UA team came to Leadbolt to attract the maximum number of Android users across Nigeria.

In addition to driving high volume of installs, it was key that new users possess quality characteristics and high Lifetime Value in order to foster a thriving and sustainable marketplace community.

A high-quality new users will:

  • Install the app through Google Play
  • Engage – Search for products available for sale and click for contact information about the seller
  • Convert – Become active as a buyer or seller

Retention was a key factor in campaign success.


Native Ad Serving

Leadbolt leveraged a mix of Native ad formats, including display and video, which were carefully placed within apps in a way that blended into and matched app environments.  This ad placement strategy limits accidental clicks, and filters for users who are genuinely interested in the ad message.

Advanced Targeting, Breadth of Network

Since Jiji appeals to a broad demographic of users, ads were delivered within several premium Android apps across many categories including music, utility, news, games and sports at peak usage moments throughout the day.

Real Time Attribution Optimization

Leadbolt’s Account Management team tracked and analyzed post install events in order to determine the overall quality of users and quickly identify the sources driving the best ROI, LTV and Retention.  Campaigns were optimized in real-time and scaled up, saving Jiji time and money.


Leadbolt stretched our UA budget to substantially grow our user base. We were impressed by their ability to achieve high volume across Nigeria, without compromising quality. They came through as promised.” – Ishchenko Dmitriy,

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MarketingNigerian Shopping App Jiji Grows Its Marketplace Using Mobile Native Ads