Updated iOS SDK v3.01

At LeadBolt, we continuously strive to ensure that our publishers are always equipped with the most advanced tools to effectively monetize their apps. We’ve done this again and are announcing the release of our latest iOS SDK v3.01 – now available for download in your Publisher Portal.

This release also addresses Apple’s announcement that from May 1st 2013, any app which accesses UDID will be rejected when submitted to the App Store. This latest update to the SDK ensures that apps are compliant with Apple’s guidelines by eliminating this dependency.

This updated publisher SDK for iOS (v3.01) features the following new additions which will surely help you achieve even more from your iOS apps!

1. Improved User Experience for Display Ads
Display ad formats have been improved to provide a better user experience. Once a display ad is clicked, the content will be loaded in the background before being displayed to the user, providing a seamless and smooth transition including loading progression indication.

2. A Unified SDK
Previously, two SDKs were available – one with UDID and IFA/IDFA tracking combined and one with IFA/IDFA tracking only.  Since Apple has announced that from May 1st 2013, any app which accesses UDID will be rejected when submitted to the App Store, the SDK with UDID tracking will no longer be available and UDID has been excluded from this unified SDK. If you are currently using a previous version of the SDK which accesses UDID, you should update to the latest version.

3. Performance & Memory Enhancements
We have also taken this opportunity to add in more performance and memory enhancements with this SDK, plus some unity3D specific changes to further increase overall advertising performance for publishers and ensure your LeadBolt ad experience is awesome!

How To Get Started
You can now download/update to the latest version of the iPhone SDK by visiting the ‘Help/ FAQs’ tab then clicking on the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab in your publisher portal. Please read the updated PDF documentation included to migrate to the new SDK version seamlessly.

Login to your Publisher Account and download the latest version of our iPhone SDK now!

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