New Leadbolt iOS 8 compatible SDK (v5) available for download

iOS8 Compatiple_Leadbolt SDK v5

Earlier this month, we covered the iOS 8 announcement and shared what the new updates mean for developers. Apple’s latest features and enhancements bring about several new opportunities and some new code level changes for iOS App developers.  In line with Apple’s formal release, we announce our latest optimized iOS SDK (version 5.0) to enable a seamless transition, so your apps won’t miss a beat.

We have been constantly testing and aligning our products with Apple’s iOS 8 beta releases throughout their development phases. We can confirm that with Apple iOS 8 release today, some key changes have been formalized. These key changes include:

  • Ad Display Orientation – Developers can now design apps that will display differently when the device is held horizontally. This change will require the use of Leadbolt’s iOS SDK version 5.0 to ensure proper ad display with apps utilizing landscape mode on iOS 8.
  • Re-Engagement Tool – Apple is changing the way apps get re-engagement notification permissions. Developers will need to add additional code to ask for permission if using re-engagement notifications. See here to learn more.

iOS 8 is a big step forward and will open up a whole new world of opportunities for apps and app developers. Here are just a few of the highlights.

New iOS 8 features that will inspire your next app version:

  • Onward, Upward! In addition to existing GPS, iPhone 6 + iPhone 6 Plus devices will include a new sensor, the barometer, to estimate vertical climb, such as stairs (not just distance).
  • Touch ID (fingerprint security) is now accessible to all apps, which means you can authenticate a user before he/she uses your app, makes a purchase, etc.
  • Smart House apps give users control over their home environment remotely. The opportunities for app development just got bigger.

Leadbolt’s iOS 8 compatible SDK (version 5.0) is available for download from the publisher portal. We recommend updating to this SDK as part of including iOS 8 compatibility with your apps.

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MarketingNew Leadbolt iOS 8 compatible SDK (v5) available for download