Entry & Exit Ad Templates to grow your revenue!

We all understand the importance and benefits of monetizing the entire App Usage Cycle.

Monetize when users enter and exit your app
This is why LeadBolt has created NEW Entry and Exit Ad templates to increase your overall ad performance when users first enter your app and when they exit them.

LeadBolt provides developers with the widest range of advanced ad types and tools to achieve the most from their apps at every stage of this cycle. By utilizing entry and exit ads, alongside display ads during app usage, allows developers to monetize the full app usage cycle.

Simple ‘3 Step’ integration
A very easy to follow, 3 simple steps, Entry & Exit ad integration guide is available in the Publisher Portal, and can be found in the ‘HELP/FAQs’ section, under the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab.

Start adding the new Entry and Exit ads to your apps now by logging into your publisher account, clicking on the ‘App Ad (SDK)’ section and choosing the ‘Entry – Exit’ section tab.

Customize for even better returns!
Developers are also able to customize the standard marketing text on the ad templates and change it from “Thanks for installing!” to something else if preferred. This added functionality enables developers to make the ad unit’s message contextually more relevant to their app which might enhance ad performance even further.


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MarketingEntry & Exit Ad Templates to grow your revenue!