Music App Shows Off New Moves, Higher App Earnings


App Category:                 Music & Audio

Platform:                          Android

Leadbolt Product:            Direct Deals Marketplace

Ad Format:                       Interstitials

Client Satisfaction

“The Leadbolt team pays attention to the details, that have a significant impact on our app’s bottom line. A few small changes to our in-app ad placement strategy made a huge difference, and we are now exceeding our revenue and performance goals, thanks to their careful attention.”

Publisher’s Objective   

This music app helps users search, download and listen to songs. Disappointed by weak results from their existing ad network partners, the team was looking for ways to increase overall ad revenue and put a new high-performance ad platform to the test.

Leadbolt Solution

Leadbolt was up to the challenge! After performing a diagnostic of the app to understand the unique user experience, Leadbolt recommended integrating full-screen interstitial ad formats. Rather than the typical placements during app transitions at pre-defined intervals, Leadbolt suggested placing the ads at app entry. The new placement strategy offered several benefits, given the app’s unique user flow.


The combination of Leadbolt’s hands-on expertise and the Direct Deals Marketplace environment produced top results for our very satisfied music app publisher:

Higher App Earnings

Showing interstitials on entry increased the app’s eCPM achieving outstanding earnings. Examples include :

  • In India – $7-$8 eCPMS
  • In Russia – $4-$6 eCPMS

A More Positive App Experience

The new ad integration also created a more positive app experience. The app maker reported a 34% reduction in user complaints regarding intrusive advertisements.

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MarketingMusic App Shows Off New Moves, Higher App Earnings