Mobile Strategy Game Ads Win Big During Super Bowl


Super Bowl represents the largest TV event of the year, and advertisers spend as much as $5 million per spot to reach this mamoth audience.  Such was the case with MZ, the publisher behind smartphone strategy games Mobile Strike and Game of War, who seized the opportunity to promote Mobile Strike, one of the top-grossing games in the world.

Mobile Strike TV ad during Super Bowl LI 2017

Mobile Strike TV ad during Super Bowl LI 2017

Size of the Audience

Super Bowl LI 2017 drew in a total television audience of 111.3 million, according to Nielsen.  An additional 1.72 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl online, via Fox Sports Go, and another 650,000 viewers watched on the Spanish-language Fox Deportes channel, bringing the total audience to 113.7 million. That’s a massive total (despite the noted drop in views from previous years).

Do In-App Mobile Ads Work During Super Bowl?

In short, yes, and the audience demographic may surprise you. Leadbolt monitored performance across our mobile ad platform during the big game, and discovered some interesting activity:

User engagement with mobile ads in the Sports category was down 38% over recent trends, suggesting this year sports fans perhaps put down their apps and actually watched the game.

However – and this is the interesting piece for advertisers – ad engagement within the Strategy Game category was up 17% over recent week suggesting to advertisers that Super Bowl is also a prime opportunity to acquire non-Super Bowl fans, who have perhaps more time to play apps like strategy games.

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