Mobile Advertising – the winners will be the high performers

If you are a mobile publisher or mobile advertiser reading the industry trends going into 2012 you are going to be overwhelmed by the plethora of opinions and predictions. There’s no doubt that there is a lot of good ‘intel’ in these blogs posts and analysis but as one analyst put it

“At this point, the mobile advertising market is so saturated that advertisers are faced with too many options for where and from who and how to buy ad space.”

That’s right on the money, but as I read this particular blog post further the mobile advertising options for an advertiser and publisher just got bigger and more confusing.

Add to this scenario, the ongoing technological inventiveness and new things from the range of organizations in this space. Consider that they will apply a suitable three letter branding to each of their thoughts and new innovations.

What do you get? Well you are likely to be facing a year of M&A, RTB and lots of joy from IAB and MMA (see footnote for translations).

At which point, I asked myself did this solve the initial problem? How does all this future thinking help some-one decide where to get or place their mobile advertising.

Thankfully we can turn to the ideas from cooler heads. Organizations have been wrestling with the task of separating fact from speculation and hype as long as there have been sales people and analysts.

And importantly, the finer minds in business management have well accepted that achieving success in an endeavor, getting to the heart of an issue is nearly always aligned with setting and measuring some sort of key performance indicator (KPI).

The problem is that in the rush to proclaim the new mobile advertising future in the worldwide blog-sphere, these fundamentals are overlooked. When the internet is our reference guide to all things new – what’s new is often mistaken for what’s right.

And so the winners? When the dust settles by the middle of 2012, the winners will no doubt be those advertisers and publishers who understand how to apply the fundamentals and proven KPIs (CTR, CPC, ECPM) and the ad networks that deliver high performance results to these standards.

Notes: M&A – mergers and acquisitions, RTB – real time bidding, IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau, MMA – mobile marketing association, CPC – cost per click, ECPM – effective cost per mille (1000 impressions), CTR – click through rate.

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Dale CarrMobile Advertising – the winners will be the high performers