Meet Our Self-Serve Ad Platform – Now with CPI Bidding!


Today we are proud to unveil powerful updates to the Leadbolt Mobile Advertising Platform designed to help our Self-Serve CPI advertiser clients reach and engage app install audiences more efficiently.

Self Serve CPI – Now Available
For marketers who prefer the freedom and flexibility to manage CPI campaigns at their own pace, our self-serve platform puts you in control:

  • Buy on Direct In-app Sources
  • High Volume Global Traffic
  • Control CPI Bids, Optimization and Budgets
  • Real-time Dashboard

Freedom and Flexibility

The Leadbolt Platform is already serving over 10 billion ads per month, across direct mobile app sources globally.  Take advantage of our network of in-app sources, the scale you need, and the freedom to drive your campaign at your own pace.

Our Self-Serve platform continues to bring you the ease and flexibility you count on:

  • Set-up campaigns directly – simply set your budget, select your targeting parameters and upload campaign creatives
  • Pause or resume campaigns at will
  • Monitor and track performance in real-time with our intuitive reporting dashboards
  • Access our recommended bidding tool to help you intelligently bid for installs at the most effective and fair price

Ready to get started? 

Sign up for your CPI account here.

After signing in, you’ll find in-depth answers to help you with Ad Approvals, Running Campaigns, and Account & Finance in our Getting Started information and updated FAQs here.

For self-service assistance from a Leadbolt Account Manager, let us know at

Our advertiser help center provides additional answers and support.

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MarketingMeet Our Self-Serve Ad Platform – Now with CPI Bidding!