mCommerce and Shopping Apps Continue to Dominate

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“We are confident partnering with Leadbolt to promote our mCommerce app.  They helped us rise above the competitive landscape, and guided our user acquisition campaign to success. We achieved a significant increase in daily high quality traffic to our shopping app, which has converted into thousands of transactions!”

A Massive Opportunity

Mobile apps are changing the way we shop. From booking hotel rooms and travel, to buying groceries, clothes, electronics, and more – There is a limitless range of items and services available for purchase directly from mobile apps.

In fact, shopping via desktop fell by 15% last year, while purchases made via mobile apps continue to rise.  At the rate customers are using e-commerce apps, it is estimated that U.S. sales will reach $434 billion in 2017.

Leadbolt’s Strategy – A Focus on Quality

The Leadbolt advertising team drew from the enormous amount of historical data within our platform, and our deep knowledge of the mobile shopping industry, to prepare a plan that would reach and convert high-value users.

We established the ideal customer profile and pinpointed the most reliable publisher sources of high LTV users, with a history of strong engagement, in-app spending and retention rates.

After careful analysis of A/B campaign tests in soft launch phase, we then refined the campaign creatives with the features that delivered proven performance.

Quality at Scale!

After launch, our experienced optimization team closely monitored performance by tracking and measuring  post-install events and adjusting for top performance in real-time. Within just a few days after launch, we achieved caps of 800 installs a day, maintaining a 50% D1 retention rate, and later in the week saw a steady rise in transactions – about 4% of all installs!

After fine-tuning the campaign for maximum returns, we were able to scale the campaign across our publisher network.

Where Did We See Success?

Leadbolt drew from our Direct Relationships with several of the most respected premium publishers in the business who have integrated Leadbolt’s Mobile Native Ads.  Native Ads are thoughtfully placed within an app experience in such a way that they “fit in” more elegantly and do not disrupt a user’s app experience.  Native ads attract high-quality users who are genuinely interested in the ad content, as well  successfully deter accidental clicks (for maximum efficiency).

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MarketingmCommerce and Shopping Apps Continue to Dominate