Match Your App Environment with Native Ads

Native ads have become a hot topic lately, and this is great opportunity to keep you informed about this useful ad technique and remind you of the many choices you have.

Despite the buzz in the market lately, native ads are not new.  In fact, they have been in existence since the 1990’s in various formats.  LeadBolt has been offering native ads on mobile since we opened in 2010.

What Defines a Native Ad?

The term “native” is used to describe an ad that mimics the look and feel of a given experience. Native ads are represented in various forms.  Sparking the current buzz is the technique of seeding an ad message within a content stream.  For social media streams, for example, the ad message will appear within editorial and blends into a user’s news feed.  To comply with IAB standards, these in-stream ads will be marked as “Sponsored”.

However, for many mobile app publishers looking at in-app ad formats, a newsfeed or editorial seeding option does not apply.  Yet, app publishers of all kinds still desire and benefit from solutions that help in-app ads feel complementary to the experience being delivered with the app.

LeadBolt provides a range of native ad templates to assist you in choosing a style that fits your app’s unique experience.

Interstitial Framing

Much like a frame that is designed to match a work of art to its environment, LeadBolt supplies a large variety of stylized frames to border interstitial ad units. native_jelly

A border that matches the look and feel of your app helps the interstitial “belong” and promotes acceptance and trust.

With a variety of textures and themes to choose from, finding the border that matches the theme of your app is easy.  Here are just a few of the border design options available to you.  You can also add animation and display effects to the border!

  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Chrome
  • Jungle
  • Neon
  • Piped
  • Metro
  • Jelly
  • And so many more!


Floating Ads

If you’re not yet familiar with LeadBolt’s Floating Ads, these high-performance ad units should be on your radar.  Floating Ads entice users by overlaying a mobile app with highly interactive, “visual bubbles” containing branded messaging that float over the screen.  Users are encouraged to pop the bubbles to reveal an ad message or URL, providing a game-like experience.floating

You can select from a variety of floating themes and images.  Got a sci-fi app?  Try selecting UFO’s to float across the screen.  Have a party-planning app?  Select balloons. Airline/Travel app?  Pick clouds to float across.  You get the idea.  There are many unique and appropriate floating icons from which to choose that will complement your app’s look and feel so that the ad message does not look out of place.

“More Games” Button

For Games apps, embedding a “More Games” button is another good example of a user option that feels like an intuitive extension of the app.  Through the app’s own navigation, a “More Games” button allows the user to link to the App Wall, where the user can discover even more apps.  Customize a button
that is appropriate for your app.


Custom Native Ads
customphonePuzzleCloudAppWallOur API-based ad feeds gives some clients full control to build a unique native experience. Work with us to combine text, URLs and images to make custom ads in real time.

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