Making the Right First Impression

We all know that making the right first impression on consumers is critically important, especially in the mobile app and advertising fields. While we may try and laugh off a silly mistake that we feel does not have a material impact on our product or advertising campaign, the reality is any mistake, even typographical or grammatical errors can create an unprofessional image that can impact usage and sales.

I am sure everyone is now familiar with the lessons Mitt Romney’s political campaign recently learned. His iPhone app was intended to allow supporters to add a pre-loaded slogan to their own photos to create a unique political marketing image. The slogans were created and approved by Romney’s own political campaign. However, along with slogans like “I Stand with Mitt”, users were also presented with “A Better Amercia.” The typo went viral within hours of the initial release of the iPhone app and dominated the news cycle for several days following its discovery, damaging the effectiveness of the application and undercutting the political message of the Romney campaign.

An even worse example of typographical disaster occurred in South Bend, Indiana, when billboards designed on behalf of the school system read “15 best things about our pubic schools.” The fallout was immediate and significant.

Professional accuracy pays
Most mobile application designers understand the importance of accuracy in the programming field. A typographical mistake in the code can lead to a variety of unintended errors and extensive debugging efforts. However, the same degree of accuracy is necessary in order to present a professional and positive image of the application and its designer. The most elegant code in the world will not save an app that features poor grammar, slipshod spelling and an overall unprofessional appearance. By ensuring that both the code and the user interface are functional and free of both critical and cosmetic errors, app designers can ensure that their reputation and their products are judged fairly in the competitive marketplace.

Projecting a positive image
The need for clean, error-free copy is even greater in the advertising field. Consumers often base their initial impression of the company’s goods or services on these ads. As a result, typographical or grammatical errors can cause serious damage to the company’s reputation, especially in the areas of attention to detail, professionalism and quality of the products and services being offered. The wrong impression can be difficult to correct, so it is vital to proofread every piece of advertising copy carefully and to test it thoroughly before allowing it to go live on the mobile advertising network.

With all the hard work we all put into to getting our product to consumers, the little extra time to make sure everything is 100% is well worth the effort. And once you are sure that your app and / or campaign is ready to go – that is when you can turn to us to make sure it delivers the ROI you are after.

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Dale CarrMaking the Right First Impression