Localized Audio Ads Help PSafe Technology Tap Into Brazil’s Burgeoning Mobile Market


The eyes of the world will be focused on Brazil when the FIFA World Cup kicks off on June 12. But global app maker PSafe Technology is already set to achieve goals of their own in Latin America’s growing mobile phone app market.

PSafe Technology, Inc., makers of a free, powerful mobile app containing anti-virus, anti-theft and anti-spam tools to keep Android devises protected, recently partnered with LeadBolt to fuel app discovery and drive downloads.

The acquisition campaign is currently active and targets Brazil’s Android smartphone users utilizing a suite of in-app mobile ad units from LeadBolt, including its Audio Ads, paired with a range of creative display units in Portuguese. Audio Ads utilize gyroscopic (shake) technology to capture user responses within the app. With Audio Ads, the users hear the ad message during app usage and are then prompted to shake the phone to engage further with the brand as more content is delivered.

To date, the localized campaign has delivered an impressive number of downloads daily and consistently above average click-through-rates for PSafe Technology.

According to PSafe Technology more than 5 million people are already using their free protection technology app across a wide range of Android devices, allowing users the peace of mind to safely download the apps they like.

“Latin America is a highly desirable market for mobile app makers due to its strong growth in active connected devices and Brazil is a mobile marketer’s dream at the moment,” explained Dale Carr, C.E.O. of LeadBolt. “This is a rapidly emerging market with tons of opportunity and the results have already been truly impressive.”

Brazil is home to almost half of all mobile users in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Added Dale: “Brazil is larger than most European countries and to app makers and marketers of apps it is an attractive territory due to its growing middle class, who are increasingly using smartphones and other similar devices.”

Recent statistics predict that from 2015, growth rates in the region will exceed the worldwide average, as smartphone use continues to grow.

The PSafe Technology app is available for free, from the Google Play store:

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MarketingLocalized Audio Ads Help PSafe Technology Tap Into Brazil’s Burgeoning Mobile Market