LeadBolt Visitor Match Tracking Feature and new advertiser SDK help with Apple’s UDID change

Last October, LeadBolt unveiled the latest in its innovative new features for advertisers on its mobile ad network, the new Visitor Match tracking function, which provides a method for the tracking of mobile conversions quickly, conveniently and automatically.

This Visitor Match feature was designed to work across a broad spectrum of platforms including the popular Android and iTunes application stores, allowing LeadBolt advertisers to enjoy highly accurate tracking reports on conversion rates and match them directly to the campaign that prompted the click-thru.

Its ability to accurately track conversions even if the device ID or UDID is not present has turned out to be one of its greatest features with Apple’s stance on deprecating the UDID.

When advertisers track traffic through the Visitor Match feature, the proprietary visitor matching function identifies the source of the traffic by matching platforms, devices and a range of other non-personal information to match up the conversion with the original ad impression.

For iOS, Visitor matching is becoming increasingly almost mandatory as the mobile ad community wrestles with problems of marketplace restrictions and emerging updates to privacy policies. Present day proposals to switch to other single ID based solutions, or third party ID stores and likely to be similarly restrictive.  Our new visitor matching algorithms will be leading the way.

The Visitor Match algorithms produce an impressive 98.7% accuracy rate for the server-side and other conversion pixel events as a result of their combined technologies.

We have today made available our iPhone advertiser SDK in a non-UDID version to further assist advertisers in making the change. In this regard, LeadBolt again demonstrates its commitment to providing the best possible customer experience and most innovative high performance mobile advertising platform available today.

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MarketingLeadBolt Visitor Match Tracking Feature and new advertiser SDK help with Apple’s UDID change