Leadbolt SDK v 8 is here: Update now for Direct Deals, Rewarded Video + Native Ads


We have worked extra hard to make our Direct Deals, Rewarded Video and now updated Native ads SDK our best yet!

Update to SDK version 8 Today!

With this latest SDK release version 8.0, we have improved an already amazing SDK by streamlining integration, updating sample apps, improving ad display, updating and adding new frameworks, and providing a new round of amazing improvements to our top performing Native Ads, Rewarded Video Ads and Direct Deal Ads.

We love our community of developers and publishers who send in ideas throughout the year via our support and feedback channels. Updates captured in this new SDK are a reflection of the feedback we received directly from you! Thanks to you all.

Admob Rewarded Video supported
We have updated our iOS and Android Admob frameworks to support the latest Admob/Firebase adaptor plus included support for Admob Rewarded Video with our SDK. If you are using Admob in your app you should add Leadbolt Ads to your mediation stack. Download the update now to get started with Admob and Rewarded video today!

B4i Framework Supported
We have provided a framework B4a for a long time and now after working closely with the creators ‘Anywhere Software’ we are also supporting their B4i product with our SDK. If you are using B4i and want to monetize your apps with Leadbolt Ads get started with this new framework today!

Native Ad Serving Updated
You have heard the hype, but are you taking advantage of the latest, most effective in-app ad placement strategy in the industry today? You may be using Facebook’s native ad SDK and could benefit with more advertising fill rates for your app.

With this new version, we’ve re-engineered our SDK to make it even easier for you to get started with native ads, including those who are familiar with Facebook’s native ad SDK. With a newly written sample app, getting started with our native ads SDK is now even easier.

Ad serving updates include:

  • Streamlined Integration – Just a few lines of code gets you ad-ready in under an hour
  • Relevant Natives – Icon, text and 1200×627 sized creatives available with each ad
  • Improved Ad Display – Better view-ability and ad mechanics to enhance the experience
  • New Sample Apps – All you need to see how to add native ads to your app

Native Ads fit more elegantly into your app’s form and function, helping users stay engaged in your app for longer, and enjoy a positive ad experience on their terms.

With this latest SDK, we’re confident that we have exceeded your expectations, and proudly recommend an update to Leadbolt SDK version 8.0.

Download SDK 8.0 here:

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MarketingLeadbolt SDK v 8 is here: Update now for Direct Deals, Rewarded Video + Native Ads