Leadbolt SDK v 7.1 is iOS 10 Ready


Our latest SDK version 7.1 for iOS and Android is now available.

This powerful new SDK is iOS10 ready and will keep your ad delivery and app monetization at peak performance.

Update to SDK 7.1 Today!
Take advantage of Leadbolt’s high performance Interstitial, Video and Native Ads, and reap the benefits of the special enhancements we made for this SDK release:

  • iOS 10 compatible
  • Updates for Rich Media Ads
  • Ad display optimizations
  • Advanced re-caching

iOS 10 Compatible
This new SDK was created with the cooperation of our advertising partners to ensure that campaigns continue to be tracked and properly attributed for iOS 10 users.

You’ve probably heard about the iOS 10 update that allows users to choose to conceal their device’s unique ID number, known as identifier for advertisers (IDFA), using the limit ad tracking feature to make it appear as a string of zeros.

We made the necessary updates to ensure your ad delivery and app monetization will continue uninterrupted when you update to Leadbolt SDK v 7.1.

Native Ads Support Included
Native Ads are elegant and non-intrusive in-app placements that fit the form and function of your app to deliver a seamless UI/UX for your users and high-value engagement for your ad partners. Take advantage of our Native Ad functions and include this newly trending Ad type in your app. Apply in your Leadbolt publisher portal today!

We’ve Got Your Back
With iOS 10 just launched this is an important SDK update for app developers. We recommend all app developers update to Leadbolt SDK version 7.1 for iOS and Android.

SDK now available for download from help.leadbolt.com/app-developers

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