Leadbolt Recognized in AppsFlyer Performance Index


Our mobile attribution partners over at AppsFlyer just released their H1 2017 Performance Index, (covering Jan-June 2017). The index represents the industry standard for ranking the best media sources in mobile advertising.

Leadbolt is proud to be among the industry’s elite mobile advertising platforms, and to earn several top spots in the Power Rankings, including a top ranking in the worldwide Gaming category for both Android and iOS, and a #7 spot across India for Non-Gaming apps on Android!

Leadbolt ranks #7 – Indian Subcontinent (Non-Gaming on Android)

#14 – Universal (Gaming on Android)

#14 – Universal (Gaming on iOS)

Key Takeaways from the Report

Leadbolt’s Prevalence in India

Since most non-gaming apps are more local in nature, marketers of apps across the productivity, travel, shopping categories and more have chosen to work with Leadbolt for quality and scale in this region.  From local travel apps, to ride hailing and taxi app user acquisition campaigns, our advertiser clients across India and surrounding territories have achieved exceptional performance.

The Leadbolt team has focused on serving the Indian Subcontinent community by opening regional offices in Bangalore, providing the hands-on level of service that guide our mobile advertiser clients to success.

AppsFlyer Performance Index 2017 - Leadbolt #7 in India for non-gaming apps

Leadbolt’s Universal Impact in Gaming

Our mission is to deliver quality users at scale – and since players of mobile games are found worldwide, we are especially proud to rank #14 (among top 25) for our universal impact.  For game app marketers, achieving scale without compromising quality is the name of the game!


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