Leadbolt Publisher SDK versions 3.06 released

We are excited to announce the release of Version 3.06 of our Android publisher SDKs. They are available for download from the publisher portal, including the updated PDF documentation.

What’s included
The latest SDK versions include features to assist publishers to achieve fantastic ratings for their apps.

We have included a number of user-orientated advisory features for our ad types to further promote our ‘Best Practice’ approach to app advertising.This will be particularly welcoming as it further enhances the options available to publishers updating for Google’s recent policy updates.

We have packaged the SDK into two bundles – an in-app ad display SDK and an off app ad SDK to allow you, the publisher, the flexibility to choose the ad type libraries you want to include in your app. Of course you can run both side-by-side as well. You should be aware that with the new SDK releases, some new functions have been added and some old functions have been renamed. Details are included in the PDF documentation at the end of the document.

Most importantly, we have also bundled new optimization and ‘smarts’ to boost revenue and help you monetize your apps more effectively.

Summary of Changes
Here are some specific changes and why you should download/update to LeadBolt’s latest SDK versions:

  • SDK support has been included with the new opt in function call to provide EULA functionality for ad serving with your app by presenting a EULA interstitial on request.
  • The new SDK provides ad pause and ad resume functions for any ad section to give your user level control of their ad experience including related event listeners.
  • We have included an enhanced user-orientated opt-out experience with auto generated reminder notifications, and ad inclusion alerts for opt out information where appropriate. No additional coding required!
  • Multiple SDKs – We have built our ad serving libraries into separate SDK’s, an in-app display advertising SDK, and a notification/ ad icon SDK. This will allow you to include the SDK for the only ad types you are using. Full details are in the documentation.

How to get Started
Please read the documentation to migrate to these new SDK versions. You can download the latest version of these SDKs by visiting the Help/ FAQs tab in your publisher portal and selecting the appropriate SDKs for your app’s usage of our platform.

Our platform recently released support for Google’s requirements and all publishers should also ensure they have updated their LeadBolt publisher account with the relevant App Names.

Login to your Publisher Account and download the latest version of our Android SDK now!


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